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Thibaut de Roux

More Than 25 Years Experience Working in the Finance Industry

This is the blog of Thibaut de Roux, the former Global Head of Markets for HSBC Bank plc. Thibaut de Roux lives in Paris and has more than 25 years of experience working in the financial industry within several different positions as a Senior Banking Executive.
Risk Management

Risk Management

This blog will cover a range of topics that relate to Thibaut de Roux’s professional and personal interests. Having specialised in risk management throughout his career, this blog will explore the topic in some depth. Articles will look at the volatility and alchemy of risk, Howards Marks from Oaktree Capital, and the Ray Dalio trading and risk management strategy, amongst many other risk management-related topics.

Blockchain and FX Industry

Another area of professional interest for de Roux is how new technology will impact risk management thinking, blockchain and FX transactions; as such, this blog will explore how blockchain is predicted to change the FX industry of the future, and how blockchain technology could potentially cut foreign exchange transaction times. This blog will also review the impact of big data on risk management evolution.