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The Thierry Latran Foundation, or Fondation Thierry Latran, is a unique European foundation and the first to be dedicated to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Created in 2008 with the backing of the Fondation de France, the foundation exclusively focuses on researching ALS on a renewable 10-year basis. More information about the Fondation de France can be viewed in the embedded PDF. The twin aims of this organisation are to finance clinical, applied and basic research into sporadic ALS for potential therapeutic benefit and to support efforts in industrial and scientific research across Europe focusing on finding a cure for this disease. Thibaut de Roux makes regular financial contributions to the Thierry Latran Foundation after sadly losing a close friend to the condition. 

11th Call for Projects 

The foundation announced its eleventh call for projects in October 2018. The funding for the current round stands at a total of 800,000 euro, which will be concentrated on those eligible projects that meet the criteria and have the most promising, on-going therapeutic targets. Applications are accepted from teams based either in member states of the European Union or those belonging to the Horizon 2020 Third Country Agreements. Applications can come from private, public or not-for-profit organisations or teams, and from individual or multiple research teams. A position must be held by the lead researcher within an institution throughout the entire duration of the planned project. 

Supporting European Research 

The purpose of the foundation is to support research across Europe into ALS, and collaborating with and complementing similar research work being done by organisations based in the United States. While there are a limited number of other charities and research organisations within Europe working on ALS, these are unable to individually optimise the expertise of researchers across Europe and the US and lack the facility to support a collaborative project across Europe. The Thierry Latran Foundation can support the best quality research across the continent, breaking down national barriers in the name of medical science. It is the hope of the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board, Professor Wim Robberecht, that the foundation will come to act as a central forum to bring together funding from various European private sources to promote better research initiatives. 

Some statistics on ALS can be seen in the infographic attachment to this post. 

The Scientific Advisory Board 

The Scientific Advisory Board of the foundation is composed of seven members in total, bringing together some of the world’s leading experts in ALS research. The role of this board includes assessing and evaluating grant applications when submitted by the Executive Committee or within the call for applications; contributing to the foundations definition of scientific strategy and the field of research for the call for applications; and organising a scientific meeting on an annual basis for the presentation and discussion of the results from all projects supported by the foundation. 

The Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee of the foundation sets the overall strategy for the organisation and decides the communications strategy and fundraising policy. This committee also selects the scientific projects that are to be awarded funds, following advice within the evaluations carried out by the Scientific Advisory Board, and sets out the amount to be awarded to each project. Grants are guaranteed to be allocated efficiently and the board fosters constructive collaboration and debate between the different research teams. 

To learn more about what Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is, find an overview of the disease in the short video attachment.